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We offer professional Pressure Washing, Driveway and Patio cleaning In Essex. Michael’s Jet Washing Offers Building Revival & Exterior Cleaning At Brilliant Value. Whether you are a domestic home owner or a large company we have all the pressure washing services to cater for your needs. Michael is a specialist in exterior cleaning and has over 20 years of property renovation experience. He has a large portfolio of work within the Essex community and Michael has worked with many companies. Clients who choose Michael for his exceptional standards often mention his attention to detail. His profound customer relationships are why his current clients choose to have Michael and his team.


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Professional, reputable company, based in Hullbridge, Essex

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Our friendly and helpful team are always happy to take your call. Give us a call Our hours are 8.00am To 8pm 7 days a week.

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We always strive for excellence and we always make sure the job is done right every time. All of our reviews express our hard work and perfection, no matter the size of the job.

Exceptional Value

We always offer competitive and affordable options, for all our clients. Our goal is to offer the most value, get a quote now.

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At Michael’s Jet Washing we strive to meet the upmost standard of every project we incounter. Our Goal is to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and it shows.

The level of attention to detail is what we pride most. No matter how large or small the job may be you can count on Micheal to perform a really special job from the arrival to your driveway or establishment; right up until we depart the job. We will up hold the highest of quality and standards possible!


Please feel free to browse our services below to get a better understanding of what we do.


 Michael’s Jet Washing

Professional Pressure Washing, Driveway and Patio Cleaning In Essex

Pressure washing in Essex is a fine art but with the right tools and knowledge we strive to perform a brilliant service every time. We always train our staff the way we want the job done. No cutting corners and no brushing over areas. With our professional Buffalo Bowsers we know there is no job that we cant handle and nothing we cant achieve.  

At Michael’s Jet Washing we pride ourselves on having the number one jet washer in the trade. We are second to none when you require top quality work carried out. We only turn up with the best equipment and with a variety of methods tasked to the most skilled and experienced people in the trade. We provide professional Pressure Washing, Driveway and Patio cleaning In Essex. We offer great value and our clients and always receive great customer feedback and reviews. Please feel free to visit Our Services Page for more information on all of our services.

Great service, very polite. Pleased with the price, would use them again.


Very professional, and spot on with everything.

Mr. Topley

Very polite, and completed a great job. Everything looking excellent now

Mr. Murry

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as debit cards or bank transfer. We no longer accept Cash in hand.

Are there any setup fees, or hidden fees?

There are no set up fees or hidden fees. Our price guide will usually be an exact evaluation however if we feel the job requires a different level of pricing we will let you know over the phone and in person before we proceed with the job.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! If you opt in for our seasonal packages we offer very generous discounts. Please view our seasonal packages for more details (coming soon).

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes. We will email an invoice shortly after the payment is completed.

Can I book weekends?

Yes. We're available to take weekend bookings.

Can I book online?

Our online booking system is on its way. Please head to our Contact Us page to place a booking.

What do I need to do before and during your visit?

We are a specialist team that requires all doors and windows locked. Please keep all pets indoors while we carry out all work including any evaluation for POA jobs.

How many hours will the job take?

All jobs vary however for medium sized domestic houses depending on the job, we usually tell your customers to allocate at least a morning (4 hours) for our visit. We do have a rough time guide attached to our Pricing page.

What time is your office open till?

Our opening and closing times are on our Contact Us page.

Can I cancel and will there be a charge?

Yes of course. There are no charges. We ask that if you wish to cancel to please inform our office within 3 days of the requested date.

What sort of contract am I tied into?

We don't believe in long and complicated contracts and do believe in being fair. Naturally you can cancel any plan you make with us at any time with no fees or hidden charges.

What is a Soft Wash?

Soft washing is one of the best ways to clean your home’s exterior surfaces. Using a low pressured hose this method also uses cleaning solutions to effectively remove mould, mildew, moss, bacteria, and other microorganisms that gather after time. The main ingredients in a soft wash consist of bleach, surfactant and water. Regular soft washing of your home’s exterior will give your home or establishment a brilliant new look and feel and help maintain the property values.

What is a Pressure Wash?

Pressure washing is a cleaning method that uses high-pressure water to clean exterior surfaces. We normally perform this product on exterior areas such as driveways, pavements and wood decking. The high pressure alone is enough to blast away dirt, dust, mould, mud, gum, and other unwanted substances. Check out our Pressure Washing Page.

Are your prices fair?

Our prices our very carefully calculated from our customer feedback and extensive research from many companies of similar service. We are offering an ultimate value package to our clients that we feel is very fair.

Our Services

Building Cleaning

We offer professional building cleaning for all sized projects.

Driveway Cleaning

Professional Driveway cleaning with brilliant value.

Roof Cleaning

Our team can perform a full Roof clean including gutter cleaning and full restoration.

Fence Panel Cleaning

We provide fence pannel cleaning for all properties.

Commercial Building Cleaning

Our team is very capable of large building and commercial establishment cleaning.

Street Cleaning

At Michaels jet washing, we also provide street cleaning.

Amazing Company. Michael is a great guy and the work he does is top quality. Thank you Michael.

Benjamin Reed


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